Change - and Frustration

Who was it who said that there is nothing in life that is as constant as change? Whoever it was was right. This has been a 3 month period full of change.

We did get the move done. It wasn't easy - complications with the IRS and their missing paper (that was needed by the title company) and our buyers (first-timers who were extremely difficult to work with - our agent Nolan was amazing which made a big difference) as well as rain (not good for a do-it-yourself move) and a deadline to get our truck emptied that I was sure we were not going to be able to meet. But we have amazing friends and family and every one of them (it seemed, anyhow) came through for us in ways I couldn't have predicted. We got the closings done (eventually, anyhow), the move made, the truck returned (in time!), and then we began the settling-in process.

After nearly 2 weeks we finally have a home phone again, internet (woohoo!) but no TV yet. The biggest down-side of that is that all the shows I've followed have ended -- without me. Sigh. Interestingly enough, though, I seem to have survived it. Who knew? We should have our TV going within the next week. Apparently we have to trim a big old tree out front for that to happen. What?!

It just seems that everything that has to do with this move has been complicated, and if something could go wrong, you could count on the fact that it would (and did). But we have come out on the other side and the house is wonderful. We love it and look forward to staying here forever.

And our family have been joined by Miss Lucy, who is beautiful, sweet and calm. What a gift! Add to that the MBA our oldest son Chris received last week and I have to step back and count my blessings. There is so much to be grateful for -- and I am.

But I need a trip to IKEA to buy some things so I can get this house organized -- and then, I think I'll feel settled at last. And you should come visit.


Sad Day

Yesterday we got word that Mark's mom, Mary Lou Mason, had passed away in her sleep. This was totally unexpected and utterly heartbreaking for our family. Grandma Mason was a precious, special lady who has a tender place in all of our hearts. She has been an example of kindness, patience, long-suffering and good humor and good cheer for as long as I've known her (35+ years now).

She had been confined to a wheelchair since she contracted polio back when Mark was 2 years old, and we have all only known her that way. But not one of us has ever heard her complain. On the contrary, her comments about polio are positive: she feels like she would never have been humble enough to accept the gospel if she hadn't had polio. She was and is an amazing, loving, wonderful lady.

We will miss her terribly. We will never forget her, and we will think of her often because there is something of her in each one of us. We are grateful and happy that we had the privilege of being a part of her life.

And we want to live so that she would be proud of us.



There is a lot happening right now, and if you look at my face, you can see a mouth covered with cold sores (ack!). I have rarely had a problem with them so I did some looking online -- and I found that stress is one of the biggest factors in a cold sore breakout (beyond the viral connection, of course). Stress? Any going on here? Maybe so.

A lot of the stress doesn't belong to me personally, but there is a lot on my mind. First, of course, the move. The house sold quickly, we found another (that we love) quickly, and now we're trying to make the arrangements between us, our buyers, our new house and the current owners, two title companies -- it makes my head spin. We need to close on this one first so that we have the $$ to put into the new one, and then we need to be able to stay here for a day or two so that we can do the closing on the other one and get moved in. Timing is everything and our buyers have been difficult to work with. Whenever I get ready to tell them to forget it, I look out my window and see the other houses that are still for sale and suck it up and try to move on. We do know that we will be moving 'on or before May 14'. We are just hoping it can be a little before then.

So in preparation for that move, we spent the weekend packing and got a lot done - but now we are living in a mess. Add to that chaos, the knowledge that our Chris is getting his MBA (yay!! I know they will all be so happy to be done with that) and will graduate here May 21. I'm hoping we actually have a room/rooms for them to stay in at that point. Baby Girl Cottam is due to arrive on May 17. And the Father/Son campout is (of course) scheduled for the weekend of May 14. We may be moving with just the 2 of us! And Chris C. had his tonsils out last week and is really suffering -- we're trying to do everything we can to help there as well.

Anyhow -- add to that the regular stuff: Visiting teaching, temple visit for May (which is closed for 2 weeks, further complicating scheduling), learning and trying to function in a new calling (it's going to be fun!), and just generally keeping my head above water.

I do need a re-tox - bring on the Diet Coke!

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