The Perfect Life

Mark just got an invitation to his high school reunion -- they've never had one and I'm 100% sure he doesn't want to go, but it has definitely made me think.

The cool part is that I already think I have the perfect life. I don't care what anyone else thinks, and I love it that I don't need to invent something different. I love what I have and that's a gift.


OLD? Really?

"To me, old age is always 15 years older than I am." ~Bernard M. Baruch

This week, I've had an [unasked for and definitely unwanted!] opportunity to think about my age. I pick up 2 neighbor children every day from school, and one day this week, the six year old looked up at me as he was getting out of my car and said, "Mrs. Mason, why are you so old?" And he said it with no malice, no teasing, no naughtiness at all - -it was just a question.

I, of course, gulped, swallowed hard and resisted the urge to smack him -- and after I gathered my thoughts and stomped on my temper and hurt feelings, managed to say, "Well, I guess it's because I was born a long time ago and I'm a grandma. You can't be a grandma without being old, right?"

And he smiled his funny little smile, shrugged and said, "Yup. I guess so!" And that was that.

I needed Miss Maya with me at that point to jump in [using her outdoor voice!] and rescue me by saying, "Grandma! You're not old. You're NEW."

It's good to be new, right? Especially since inside, I do feel new! Much better than old!!


New Outlook on Eating

"One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating." ~Luciano Pavarotti

I have this love-hate relationship with food. I love food -- but I have always had an issue with weight. Over the years, I have been able to balance my love of food with a love of exercise - but right now I'm sidelined with a torn ligament in my right ankle. So today it made me smile to see this quote -- by someone who obviously enjoys his food.

Maybe if I actually did stop what I was doing and devote my full attention to eating [instead of grabbing a bite on the run all the time, or reading or watching TV at the same time], I might be able to share his attitude. At any rate, I like it a lot!

And cake? Cake is necessary! Right? Right?!



"Allow children to be happy in their own way, for what better way will they find?" ~Samuel Johnson

We now get more Sunday time with the kiddoes because of our [fabulous] new church schedule. We go from 9-12, then have choir practice, come home for lunch and a change of clothes, and then we get to have Maya and Mason here to play in the afternoon.

I was fascinated [but not surprised, because kids traditionally prefer an old cardboard box over just about anything else] to watch them having fun with not the big blocks that we store in this tub, but the tub itself.

Kids are the smartest. Ever.


Our new Primary theme this year is wonderful: "I Know My Savior Lives". Just the thought of addressing this topic [in many different ways and aspects] this year humbles me. What a blessing to be able to teach this concept to a group of Primary children that already have hold of my heart. To share my testimony and insights with them will be a gift, and to help them grasp that concept and testimony will be even better.

I do know He lives, and I know that He loves each one of us, imperfect as we are. But what I really know is that He has a special place in His heart for the children. There are so many children who don't know Him and won't be taught about Him and that thought hurts my heart when I consider it. But it makes me so grateful for the chance I have been given to work on internalizing that concept even more deeply for myself, and the chance to help the children I love so dearly learn to take it into their own lives and hearts.

I'm excited about our new Primary year!!

picture above by Liz Lemon Swindle -- and just an FYI -- it now hangs in my family room, a thoughtful and precious Christmas gift from Chris and Natalie. I kind of get a lump in my throat every time I look at it!!



"I complain that the years fly past, but then I look in a mirror and see that very few of them actually got past."~ Robert Brault

Happy New Year!! It seems to me that 2009 has been a rough year in many ways: unemployment, illness, family problems, *(and the list goes on!) but there has been so much to be grateful for as well. We have a wonderful family, we've been pretty healthy, the Church is still true and in general, life is a happy time for all of us.

My hopes for 2010 includes more time with Mark, our family and especially the precious little grandkiddoes we already have - and enjoying a brand new little girl who will arrive sometime in May. Also to continue to be blessed by the gift of Primary - I love and appreciate the opportunity I have to be with some of the most outstanding leaders and teachers in our ward (you know who you are - -love you!), and especially our Primary children. There truly is a spirit there that you won't find anywhere else. I honestly believe that if the Savior came to church, he'd check in at the Bishop's office and then head down to the Primary room to be with the kids. I am so thankful that I still get to be a part of Primary in our ward. Other things? A visit to see my parents in Alberta, a Mason reunion in Missouri - -and who knows what else? Hopefully a new house that we can love and never have to move again.

I just know that I am richly blessed, I am utterly grateful and can't wait to see what happens next. Except on my face, of course!! (*see above quote!) Ha!