Beach Time

"The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears or the sea." ~Isak Dinesen

We decided about a month ago that it was way past time for a trip to the beach, so we loaded up the cars and headed down to Port Aransas for a quick weekend visit. This time we rented a condo that didn't really have beach access - but was walking distance to the center of town and that worked great. Our theory was that when you take kids to the beach, you need a car anyhow, to haul all the things you need for a good time: towels, beach toys, umbrellas, drinks, snacks, etc. etc. etc. And it worked out very well.

Port Aransas is a great little beach town -- kind of quiet really but everything you might need is there. It was a wonderful (if a little too quick - we could have stayed for days and loved it) trip and once again, I came back feeling kind of filled up and relaxed.

Also with the feeling that I need a beach house. Seriously. I love that place and am ready to go back as soon as we can figure it out.

But this is what I really want to know: why is it that someone who was raised on the prairies of Southern Alberta and spent many years in mountainous areas so loves the beach? All I know is that there is something there that I need.



I'm in the 'grow it' phase right now but am moving quickly into the 'get sick of it' category. I always want longer hair, but after a relatively short frustrating time of growing it out - I'm ready to chop it off.

If I thought it looked good I might be able to hang on a bit longer - -but I'm struggling at this point.

Already. Sigh.


Update (or where has the time gone, anyhow?)

It's pretty much been a whole month since I've looked at my blog -- amazing how the time is flying past. There's been plenty going on, that's for sure, but probably my favorite things involve the kids in my life.

Natalie called the other night to report that Simon had said his first intelligible prayer: "Heavenly Father, please bless Grandma. Amen!" Made my night to hear that one.

We had a quick beach trip a few weeks ago (need I say again that there is something at the beach that really restores me? I love it there). It was fun to spend time looking for shells and playing in the warm water with the little guys.

I got to sub for Primary music in our ward on Sunday and had such a good time with the children there. I don't mind admitting that I miss them a lot. Stake Primary is a whole different area and while it helps to know that I am where Heavenly Father wants me (that much is very clear), I sure do miss the children. It was a breath of fresh air. And there is some more music subbing on the horizon which is something to look forward to.

Miss Maya turned 7 and we celebrated with a skating party (see the above pics for proof), Simon is coming up on his 2nd birthday (Sesame Street party in the works, I think), and we are all going to be in Dallas for a walk for Autism Speaks (if you want to contribute, go here -- we can use all the help we can get). Our grandson Ben has autism and as I watch their family and what they are dealing with, I loathe autism more all the time. Ben is doing great but autism needs to be wiped out.

Halloween is next, and then we are onto November celebrations: Natalie's birthday, Chris and Tara's anniversary, Chris Cottam and Chris Mason's birthday (same day!), Thanksgiving and that will wipe out November. Add to that lots of wards to visit (watching their Children's Sacrament Meeting Presentations will be pure pleasure!) and I'm tired just thinking about it.

And then Christmas? Seriously?! Where is the time going, anyhow? I need to get moving!