Running Against the Wind

As I did my (nearly) 4 mile run (seriously felt more like I was trudging!) yesterday, I had a bit of an epiphany. It's fall here (on the calendar, anyhow - not necessarily temperature wise) and we have cooled down slightly. We also have had a bit of wind. Not much, mind you, and not anything that someone raised in Southern Alberta should even dare to call a wind -- but enough to notice when you're running against it.

So yesterday, as I did my 4 mile run (remember? the trudge!), I was acutely aware of the wind. But I only really noticed it when I was running against it. It pushed me back and I had to work extra hard to get myself up the Austin hills (we do live in the 'Hill Country' here). I can tell you that I resented that wind. It made me cranky and (obviously) it made my tired legs more tired and there was some serious gasping going on as well.

What I found interesting, though, is that when I was running with the wind at my back, it didn't feel like much of a wind. Just a little push in the right direction.

And that's when I had the epiphany. It's just like life. When we are running against the wind, and things are hard, we are totally aware of the opposition. We are frustrated by it, we are tired by it, and it makes us want to give up.

But when that wind is at our back, gently pushing us along our chosen path? We rarely notice it. And that's my point. I want to be aware of that wind at my back, gently moving me along the path of my life. I want to be aware and I want to be grateful.

I have so much to appreciate and to be grateful for, and this Thanksgiving month is a great time to reflect on that wind that is at my back so much of the time.