How to Stay Married

Mark and I have been married a long time (to be exact: 35 years and 9 months) and recently I was talking to someone about how people manage to stay together that long.

I have made no secret about the fact that when I was younger and was making the marriage decision, I wasn't especially careful, prayerful or smart. Yes, I was somewhat prayerful, but mostly, I was just head over heels in love. And that's how I chose Mark.

Fortunately for me, I was also lucky and probably a better descriptive word would be blessed. He is calm, funny, smart, loving, tolerant and patient (seriously, if you know me, that is a requirement) and best of all, he loves me. He is a great husband, a wonderful father and now a fabulous grandpa.

And I think this says it all. We do irritate the heck out of each other at times, but the love we share is stronger than the irritation. Romantic, huh?

He's a keeper!