Life gets busy -- there is always something going on, that's for sure. We've had some beautiful weather here lately, almost too hot for March (complaining already?!) but it's cooled off a bit the past few days. That makes it perfect for this time of year. I've had a round of sickness -- cold that turned into pneumonia and bronchitis so I'm on antibiotics and steroids for that. (maybe I'l lbulk up! ha!) Starting to feel like I can see the light at the end of that tunnel, thank goodness. It is certainly true that you need to lose your good health for a bit to be grateful for it - I will be so happy to feel good again.

Natalie took this picture of me with Lucy and I love her little face -- but I hate my wrinkly eyes. ("Grandma said the 'h' word!" Sorry kiddoes!) I know I've earned every wrinkle I have -- lots of smiles and laughing as well as too much sun and too little sun protection. The things we learn, right?!

Anyhow, it took me to this little cartoon which put a happy spin on it -- I can wear wrinkly clothes too because I coordinate!!

Have a happy week - I plan to, cold, wrinkles and all.


Love and Compassion

"Whatever the intellectual quality of the education given our children, it is vital that it include elements of love and compassion, for nothing guarantees that knowledge alone will be truly useful to human beings. Among the major troublemakers society has known, many were well-educated and had great knowledge, but they lacked a moral education in qualities such as compassion, wisdom and clarity of vision." ~Dalai Lama

I read this quote this morning and it has been food for thought. I have always hated hearing people say that we live in a terrible world because truly, I believe we live in a wonderful world in many ways. My grandkiddoes would never believe the world I grew up in -- no computers, no cell phones, even cordless phones arrived after I got married, I think. {And I know I am old, but I'm not that old!} Just the difference in the two time periods I was a college student was amazing. On Round 2, it was so easy to do research and write papers because of the computer and the internet. But I do agree that we live in a complicated, difficult world as well. Which means it's ever more important that the children in our lives are taught well, raised well and loved well.

The concept of the moral education is something that I love, and I love to see it happening in the lives of my grandkiddoes and their friends. When you can see 7 year olds, 5 year olds and even 2 year olds with more compassion, insight and love than many adults, you know their parents are doing something right.

And us grandparents? We watch, we hug them and we cheer them on.