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"Sometime we regret, more than any words spoken, a silence not broken."~Robert Brault

I know I've mentioned Robert Brault before -- but he has just let me know that there is now a book available that's full of his smart, funny, touching (you add your own adjective here -- pretty much anything will fit, as he is a word genius) thoughts.  I have already ordered mine, and you'd be smart if you did the same.  He knows how to address any topic, in the best and most graceful yet (sometimes) piercing way.  He really makes you think, and he is compassionate and wise as well.

Check it out here:  Robert Brault's book -- I promise you will love it.


It's been how long?!

I don't know what made me think about this blog today, but I was astonished to discover how long it had been since I posted anything.  I suspect with the advent of Facebook, texting, and Twitter etc., the blog method of communication has taken a back seat.  But as I flipped back through my pages, I realized I missed putting my thoughts on (figurative) paper.

So today -- I decided to make note of what has been on my mind.  I've been running again and getting better (stronger and faster and with more endurance) all the time, and I love that.  Especially since I am getting older all the time, too.  I am not as fast as I used to be, I don't go as far as I used to go - but I can still go.  And I want to keep on doing until I absolutely can't.  Wasn't it Sister Hinckley who made a comment about not wanting to die of boredom on the shelf, but rather be used up in her old(er) age?  That's how I feel.

And I have been happily proving right the quote I read about how the task itself really hasn't changed -- but my ability to achieve and master the task have changed as I just keep doing it and don't give up.

The weather here is lovely, I am happy, and I am grateful.  I hope you can say the same, because that's what I wish for all.