As God Sees Us

I had to laugh when I read this because I have often commented that others must see me in a much different light than I see myself. ["Who is that old lady in the mirror? Ack!"]

For example: this week, 3 or 4 different people have commented that I must be doing 'something different'. When I ask what they mean, each has said that they can see the elliptical time showing up on my legs, arms, wherever. I like that. But do I see it? No. I still see the flabby legs, the saggy arms and the face that is falling to depths unheard of up to this point in my life.

That thought always leads me to what Heavenly Father sees -- we know that He doesn't see what's on the outside as important. He looks into the heart. [I Samuel 16:7]. That's what really matters to Him.

Being human, of course the physical part matters. [all that elliptical time is paying off! yay!] But more, it matters that I look like Him. That His image can be found in my countenance. [Alma 5:14] That I am like Him. That others will recognize Him through me.

My hope is that as others look at me, they will recognize that I am someone who loves Him. Even more, I hope that He will accept my meager efforts and understand what is in my heart.

Because my greatest desire is to be like Him. To be recognized as someone who loves Him and follows Him. Because I do love Him and am trying to follow His example and be a reflection of His love in my life.


Christina said...

That is a funny comic! It is definitely interesting to think about the way others see us- we are our own worst critics. I agree that the thing I want people to notice most is my spirit!

Cammie said...

Very funny. You have the best sense of humor, and such inspiring insights! Thanks!

Ashley said...

That is super funny. I'll have to show it to my grandparents. I hope they won't be offended :).

My sister and her family are living on Calusa Ln.

Melissa said...

You are an amazing woman, inside and out. Keep up the good work.

100 Percent Cottam said...

that is too funny! and great thoughts, as usual.

Jori said...

It sure gives me a boost to my self esteem when I think about how the Lord see's me. Thanks for the reminder Jan.

Anonymous said...

thanks jan I needed that. my self-image is not great, but really.. if only we could see us as he does. thank you. I needed reminding of that. see you soon!!

Natalie Scott said...


hoLLy said...

that comic was a riot!

it is so true how we don't see ourselves the way everyone else does. it makes me wonder how people see me.

i'm grateful for a Heavenly Father who sees the best in us all. he knows our potential for greatness and will forgive us for our shortcomings. hallelujah for that because mine are so many!