Footprints on my Heart

I have a little plaque on my kitchen wall that I look at every day. It was a gift from a dear friend that I met when we lived in Idaho. The reality is that I haven't seen her in a long time [probably at least 20 years] and we haven't been in touch in nearly that long. I don't even really know where she is living now. I think of her every day when I see the plaque and wonder how she is and what she is doing.

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same."

Today I got an email from another friend, one that I met when we lived in Las Vegas. We clicked immediately and always enjoyed being together. We share a love of music and loved it when she would sing and I would accompany her. But life has been busy since our move, I didn't have an email or street address for her and I haven't heard from her [nor she from me] since probably before October of '04. It was so good to hear from her and to do a little catch-up on what's gone on in her life since we were last together.

And as I read her message and composed my response, I realized that she had surely left footprints on my heart -- just as the first friend has done, and so many others that have passed through my life. I feel so blessed to have had so many good people to love and be loved by and so many opportunities to meet more good people.

My heart is full of footprints and I'm so grateful.


Emily said...

You are definitely one of those people for me. You have no idea how much you have influenced my life. You are so wonderful... one of those few people I look up to and want to be like!

Ashley said...

i have that footprints quote printed on a poster on my bedroom door. it is such a true message. thanks for being one of those people who have left footprints on my heart!

Jori said...

Jan you have left them on my heart for sure! You have helped me so much over the past few months. There were times when I would feel at the end of my rope, and I would get an email from you telling me all would be well. Thank you SO much!

Chris and Tara Mason said...

I hate when I lose touch with people! We lost touch with our friends Erin and Bryce Pettit from Provo and it makes me sad to think of that! They were awesome!

Shelley said...

I like that last line of this post. It's pretty much bringing me to tears this weekend. Footprints everywhere, and I'm so lucky to have had them!

Sarah said...

Aren't those footprints wonderful! I have tons of them, and I'm grateful I have so many people to love.

100 Percent Cottam said...

all those footprints would probably love a copy of that family photo you printed a million copies of...did you ever send it?!

Natalie Scott said...

Your footprints are all over my heart, Jan. And many more, I'm sure.

So nice to catch up with old friends, glad you had that opportunity...I can't even imagine how many footprints you have from all the places you've lived.

Coleen & Kelly said...

we've always loved this quote... it is really sooo true!

thanks for visiting our little blog. you may not live here, but we'd love for you to come to the OC for vacation!

- k