Keeping Time

I'm such a freak. This is me to a T -- every clock in our house is different. Some of it is not my fault, like when the power flickers off and on and the clocks on the microwave and oven start flashing and have to be reset. I'm purely guessing at those when I do the resetting.

But honestly, I have such an inner need [is that the right word?] to be on time that the clocks in the bedroom are set probably close to 10 minutes ahead. Except, of course for the atomic clock that projects onto the ceiling -- it's accurate. Both my watches are 10 minutes fast too.

I'm not sure it makes any difference, because when I look at those clocks, I immediately know how fast they actually are and prepare accordingly. But I am pretty much always on time.

I'm a weirdo. You knew that already.


Jill said...

That sounds exactly like me every single morning on the way to the gym. My car is set 4 minutes fast, and I know that, so I know that I actually have 4 more minutes to get where I'm going.

There's a little nerd in all of us...at least that's what I tell myself.

100 Percent Cottam said...

my alarm clock runs fast, and it will eventually be 10 minutes ahead of chris'. that's usually when i get around to changing it back.

Nica said...

I always keep my car clocks fast by at least 10 mins. But like you said it would only work if I didn't know it was set ahead. It does keep me on time for everything though. I just always feel silly bc I am always the first person there.

Darleen said...

I wish I was more on time, but when I was in college every clock was 10 mins too fast in EVERY classroom. It drove me crazy because not everyone knew that so when I was on time the clock always said I was 10 mins late. And then the teachers would get on me about being late.

tara said...

oh jan we are cut from the same mold. Only mine are about 7 or 8 minutes fast. I loathe being late. it makes me a mad woman!

tiburon said...

And you are not alone ;)