Home is Where the Heart Is

I just returned from a week up in Alberta {or as Natalie calls it, being called back to the mothership!} with my family. I had a wonderful time visiting with my mom and dad, my sister, brother-in-law, nephews and niece-in-laws and even got to help celebrate baby Oliver's 1st birthday.

I know I've said it before but there is truly something that draws me back to that area and it's not just family although that is without a doubt the most important thing. As I drove around Lethbridge with my parents and saw the change and growth there, I realized that that area is my heritage. There is a part of me there and always will be, even though I know I will never live there again.

And when Val, Keith and I spent a day and a half in Waterton I realized even more {despite the fact that Billy the Goat and his family, the mountain sheep as well as their deer friends had invaded the townsite} that there is something of me there as well.

So today, on Canada Day {Happy Canada Day!}, I am grateful for the heritage that I have, the family I was raised in, the love that I feel for them all and from them all, and the fact that I have now two wonderful countries to call home.

Here's Billy!! The sheep were everywhere -- places I'd never seen them and they were pretty aggressive. Made me quite nervous!

Looking down on Waterton from above -- as we drove back down from Cameron Lake.

Gorgeous blue water.

Val and Keith - my cute sister and her husband at the still {surprisingly} frozen Cameron Lake.

See Old Chief Mountain? Lovely!

Clearly I can love both the US and Canada.

Again, just lovely.

Prince of Wales Hotel in the distance, where I worked, more years ago than I can believe.

Val and I. Isn't she gorgeous?

More of us. I love her!

Me, standing by Cameron Falls in the Waterton townsite.

Keith and I, with the mountains in the background. He's the best.

**all pictures taken by my sister, Val Walker


Jori said...

Happy Canada Day! Wow Jan, it is incredibly beautiful there! I would love to visit Canada someday. You and your sister are beautiful too!!

Val said...

We were really happy to have you back in the motherland too! Both Keith & I had a great time & I know I'll keep laughing at the thought of you running away from Billy! Love you too!

hoLLy said...

mothership...hehehe. thats funny:) wow, those are some beautiful pictures!! i'd love to check out that part of canada someday. i've only been to the eastern side-near niagra falls.

Natalie Scott said...

Jan, I am always amazed when you show pictures of the "mothership." It's so breathtaking! Gorgeous. Just like you and your sister. ;)

Suzanne said...

After looking at those photos I'm drawn there too - and I've never visited! How gorgeous!

BECKY said...

Oh, these photos are SO beautiful...and I know that seeing everything in person would be even more breathtaking! Thanks for sharing!
P.S. Jan..still searching for that Follower button! :D