It's my Birthday!

I guess that last post about aging leads right into this one - it's my birthday today!

I can't say that I'm 'happy' to be another year older but I do appreciate being another year smarter, despite the wrinkles that seem to accompany anything I do anymore. I have so much to appreciate and to be grateful for and it just seems to get better.

I have a wonderful family: parents, siblings, in-laws (I pretty much just count them all as siblings, I think!), husband, children, more in-laws (again, just family in my mind) and now grandchildren. The older I get the more I appreciate the great family I came from, the great family Mark came from, and the fact that we have been able to create a great family of our own. I love them all dearly.

I have so many dear friends. I kind of consider myself a bit of a hermit -- but over time, I have made so many wonderful friends -- again, people I pretty much consider family. Another thing that I have learned is that people are what really matter in life. Things are fine, but people are what make our lives fuller and richer in every way.

I'm grateful for pretty good health at this point. I've definitely had my share of ups and downs in the health area, but I am so thankful that right now, I can do whatever I choose to do, as long as I put my mind to it. I am running again and that makes me more happy than I would have thought. I'm so grateful to Natalie for encouraging both Mark and I to try it (for me, again -- for him, the first time) and that my body knew all along that I was a runner -- I've just been on hiatus!

So happy birthday to me! And I'm hoping for a zillion more!


Ashley said...

Happy birthday!!!!

Carrie Page said...

I love your blog! You are so right...people are what matter. We've had a summer of just taking in every moment.

I have had some deep conversations with my girls about life and death and not knowing how long we really are here for. How we need to enjoy every moment we possibly can. I'm trying! I know the Mason's know how to do it!

Happy Birthday. Love you and miss you. Would love to see you again!

Mia said...

Happy Birthday Jan!!

Natalie Scott said...

I love birthdays! They give us an opportunity to reflect just on that person and how much we care about them. You are one of those, Jan. I love you much!

And there better be a zillion more.;)