Catching Up

Really? My last past was 2 months ago? This is a graphic example of how quickly the time is going these days. There always seems to be something going on to keep me busy, for sure.

I was asked to give a talk in Stake Conference and that was pretty overwhelming. I'm glad it's done but I was also glad to have the chance to do it and address probably my favorite topic: "Teaching the gospel of Christ to children". Nothing better than that and I know (as always) that I learned much more as I studied, prayed and prepared than anyone who listened. Pure pleasure to address that topic, even if I was scared to death as well. That's what I call a mixed blessing!

I also had the chance to accompany my talented friend Macy as she did her presentation at a "Time out for Women" -- this time in Idaho Falls, Idaho. It was a quick trip for me but always fun to do my best to help her do her best and wonderful to hear the messages I heard. I also love seeing the women in the audience soaking up the spirit and the lessons and messages that are presented so well.

Spring Break came and went (way too fast, as always) and we are now back in the routine of school. You might think that wouldn't have much to do with me anymore, but it does. I get to help with readers in a first grade classroom once a week, and I also drive Maya and Mason to school in the mornings (there is no better way to start your day - super fun to be with them first thing), and I have a few piano students that coincide with the school routine as well.

Life is wonderful. The bluebonnets are in full bloom (see the pic in the post above - it really does look like that here right now!), the weather is mild, I have been running outside now for probably a month, and I'm planning to do a 5K in early May. As my Natalie pointed out, I might even 'win' something (what??? I'm slow!) -- because I'm old. Made me smile. So there is something good about being old.

Who knew?


100 Percent Cottam said...

life is definitely wonderful! and crazy! ;)

Carrie Page said...

Good to hear from you! Do you go to all of the TOFW? I'm hopefully going to the one here this fall...just putting my Jan plug in there ;)

Andi said...

You are so completely awesome Jan!!