Time is Flying!

It's already May 10 (seriously -- where has the time gone?) so it's time for a little updating, I guess.

The finger:  I am now down to less than 2 weeks in the splint and bandaging -- it seems like it has been forever but it also seems like it has happened quickly.  I will be so glad to have my finger back.  Maya asked me the other day what the Dr. would do - - I'm guessing he will take the splint and tape off and blow a kiss at me as I run out the door.  At least that's what I hope he will do!  I'm hoping for the best.

There's been a picture of Natalie and I that has almost taken on a life of its own.  (see above) My friend Macy took the picture a few months ago and it has ended up in the Deseret Book Spring Catalog and in their Time Out for Women online ads as well.  We have had so many friends all across the country contact us when they have seen it and that has been fun.  I just love having such a fun picture of Natalie and I.

In other news, I ran a 5K this past weekend.  I was pretty nervous about it because in the past 2 weeks my running has been awful.  I had no stamina, my breathing was hard and really, I had no interest in even trying to hang in there.  It was lame.  So I was very afraid of how this 5k would turn out.

I was happy to discover that I am still a runner, and really, not such a bad one either.  I ended up finishing in 30:23 -- which was good, and made it a 9:39 pace.  And I ended up 7th in my age group (which, admittedly, is old) -- but there were about 25 people in that group.  And I loved it.  So much fun.

And the best part was that I ran it with family.  Chris, Natalie and Maya all ran the 5K too.  Chris smoked us all - he was amazingly fast (23 min, approx, I think), Natalie beat me by around 30 seconds and Maya did it in 35 minutes with no training.  Awesome all around.   Can't say I love the way I look in the picture but with hair pulled back at 8 a.m., I guess that's the best I could do!!

So my plan is to just continue to work at getting quicker and to keep loving it.  So that next year - -I can move myself up in my age group and beat a few more oldies like myself.


Ashley said...

Love the updates!

100 Percent Cottam said...

good times were had by all! :) love you, mama!

Carrie Page said...

Love that you did this together. I told Nathan that is the only way I will be doing one again. I don't enjoy the time running and need the distraction! Have fun giving your doc the finger. haha

RD Robertson said...

Both of you are looking so cute in this graphic tees.