I'm so non-political that people probably hate me for it -- and I have to admit that I'm relieved that this election process is over. I'm just done with all the political ads, phone calls and TV coverage.

This one tickled my Canadian funny bone [as Mason would say, "tickles my bone!"].

Maybe we could convince Celine to run next time.


Andi said...

LOVE it! I'm totally with you, I'm so glad it's over and we won't be getting calls or flyers every other day anymore!

Mel said...

Haha! That was funny. I'm definitely glad it's all over too.

Shelley said...

Well said! YAY CANADA! Maybe that's why I liked it there so much. I'm the furthest thing from political you could imagine (which is why I haven't even mentioned it on my blog, because people get angered.)

I'm all about Canadian politics. When they decide they don't like how government is going, they decide to have a vote. There's no set day for it and it's kinda funny! :)

Celine for PM! (She was born in Quebec, so she can't be a US president! lol)

100 Percent Cottam said...

haha, that's about as much as i know about american politics!

MiaKatia said...

That was funny! I am so relieved not to be seeing any more political ads for hopefully a few years or so.

hoLLy said...

haha! that is funny. i am glad the election is over. not too glad about the outcome, but oh well. thats life. lets just make some lemonade:)