Little Blessings (that are really big blessings!)

"Let your eyes light up when your (grand)children are around. Laugh more. Tell them how empty and quiet it is when they're not there. Enjoy the things they bring to your life. Attend their activities, not as if they were compulsory for (grand)parents, but throw yourselves into their lives." ~Valerie Bell

I can truly say that I love grandma-hood. I knew I wanted grandchildren long before I had any, and they have all far exceeded any anticipation I might have had. They make me laugh, they make me think, they increase my capacity to love, and they have enriched my life and filled it with joy.

My days would be very empty and quiet without these 5 (soon to be 6) precious little people in my life. I can't imagine life without them now, and I'm so grateful for the chances I have to be a part of their lives.

And now we are waiting (with excitement!) to meet another little girl who will arrive to be part of our family in May. We are truly blessed.


Carrie Page said...

I love this post. Sweet pic, too...I love the little dimpled hand and elbow. Can't wait to hear of Natalie's girl arriving! Congrats Grandma!

Natalie Scott said...

So excited to meet Nat's little girl!

Your grandkiddos are equally fortunate to have you in their lives. They will always be grateful for you!

hoLLy said...

so exciting for you to be expecting a new grandbaby soon-congrats to all of you! yea!