A New Start

"God grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change, the courage to change the one I can, and the wisdom to know it's me". ~Author unknown, variation of an excerpt from "The Serenity Prayer" by Reinhold Neibuhr

How can it be the first day of school? (and I know that it's already been the first day of school in other places!) The summer has flown for me. And I am having this fall-ish feeling that I love -- sort of the feeling of a new start (you know what I mean) and time to get back on a schedule etc. Which is weird considering I have no one who lives at home with me except Mark -- and he's on the same schedule he's always been on.

But I do love that feeling. It's the right time of year to step into the routine, to feel the steadiness of scheduling, to get back to (trying, anyhow) being better about keeping dinners fixed on time, to stay up on my church calling, to get my house in order. That's what fall says to me -- even when the temps here are over 100.

And the above thought spoke to me today so loudly and clearly that I couldn't not post it -- the person who always needs the most work is me. And what better time than now to work on that?

Happy First Day of School, wherever you are!

(it doesn't look like the picture here -- but it sure says fall to me!)


Carrie Page said...

Exactly! I'm mourning the loss of my cute Raven around the house, but I admit it will be nice to be on a bedtime schedule again! Love the fall...my favorite time of year. Love the quote...just what I needed today!

Emily said...

I feel the same way about Fall! As much as I love summer it's nice to get back into the routine :)

Britta said...

Thank you for that! Our first day of school is next Monday and I'm getting myself both physically and emotionally prepared. I can't wait for fall, but I know that I'll have to wait another month and a half for it. Thanks again for that great quote.

Jill said...

I actually have someone to send to school this year--which means I also actually have a reason to buy school supplies! It will be hard not having my helper around all day, though. Good thing they break the parents in easy in Kindergarten!

Just come here next month for fall--it'll be perfect...just like your picture!

Mel said...

I love that quote! I love fall, it seems like such a fresh new start of so many thing.

Natalie Scott said...

I love the fall, too. And am I ever anxious for the cooler weather to come round!!!

Loved seeing you yesterday...love you!

Darleen said...

I am looking forward to a schedule! All scheduling was thrown out of the door when summer began.