The Road Not Taken

Simon - nearly 2

Daniel - 7
Ben - 5

Mason - 4 1/2 (the half is very important)

Maya, nearly 7, with Lucy, 3 1/2 months

"Yes, it would be fun to go back and travel the road not taken, especially with the grandkids." ~Robert Brault

I ran across this thought today (Robert Brault is a writer whose thoughts seem to connect well with my own, only he has the facility to put things much more clearly than I do!) and loved it. Anyone who knows me knows that the topic of grandkiddoes speaks to my heart. I knew long before I ever had any that I wanted grandchildren. I love children in general, love my own children so much -- but I knew somehow that the grandma experience would be exceptional and I wanted it badly. And as I have had that experience (with the most precious of children, I might add!) my heart has surprised me by the strength of the emotion I feel for them.

They make everything better. It's always fun to do even the simplest things with them because to them, life is an adventure. And being included in those adventures is what makes my life rich and full. I often muse about the road not taken and I love the thought of the fun exploring it with a grandchild. They have such curiosity and that wide-eyed excitement that pulls a willing grandma right along with them.

They are all different, they are all funny and bright, and they are all loving. And they are all loved immensely by their grandma, who is grateful for them every day of her life.

Which makes me even more grateful for the knowledge I have of the eternal nature of the family -- to be with these precious family members forever is one of the greatest blessings I can claim.


Jill said...

And your grandkids are so lucky to have you!

Natalie Scott said...

Yup, they are as lucky to have you as you are to have them. :)

Nat Lud said...

That is such a cute quote! What a special relationship you have with your grandkids! Love it!

100 Percent Cottam said...

you definitely has the cutest & luckiest grandkids! ;)

Aryn said...

What a sweet post. They will no doubt treasure these kinds of blog posts someday. They are lucky to have you!

Darleen said...

What a great family to be eternal with!!