Ben's Posse

This is our grandson Ben. He is 5 years old now - -and has been diagnosed with autism. Ben is funny, smart, creative and sweet, and he and his family have been working together to find him the most help he can get so that he can have the best life possible. He, his mom and dad and his big brother Daniel are amazing. The things they have done and gone through to help Ben have made me so proud of them and have also humbled me tremendously. They love each other deeply and are truly a team. Not every child with autism has a family like Ben does and they are a big advantage for him.

We love them all and over time, I have learned to despise autism and all that it represents. And that is why we are joining them to walk in support of Autism Speaks. I have tried to figure out what I can do to help and there isn't much - -but I can do this. And you can help.

Please click here to go to my walking page and donate: anything helps and it all adds up. Help us support Ben and his posse. Yes, Ben has a posse and I'm a member. Please help us.

(Thanks to all of you who even made it through this post -- emotional grandma's pleas probably aren't all that fun to read.)


Carrie Page said...

What a lucky kid to have such a great, supportive family! I'm sure you feel like you are the lucky one, though. Y'all are amazing!

Natalie Scott said...

He's such a beautiful boy, and so fortunate to have so much support!

Darleen said...

My niece has austim also! She's got a posse too that I support :). I'm glad to see people are becoming more aware of austism.

Mia said...

Grandmas who love their grandkids are the best. I hope you had a great walk this weekend. It is awesome that you guys all come together as a family like that.

Rachel said...

I'm really sorry if I've already replied to you or not I had so many comments and my brain has honestly turned to mush.
I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your comment on my blog http://whatyouneverknewaboutme.blogspot.com/ during a love bombing a few months back. It really meant the world to me and I hope your day is as beautiful as you helped mine become. sorry its taken this long to respond I hope you can understand I've been super busy with exams and such like.
have a wonderful day.