Fingers Crossed

The plan was for Mama and baby Simon to be home some time this morning -- but because Mr. Simon is now dealing with jaundice issues, it's unclear when he will actually take up residence in the Cottam household.

They will be doing another blood draw at 5 (in 1 hour!) -- and if the numbers line up, Dad, Mama and baby could be home by the time Grandma, Grandpa, Maya and Mason return from the ward Trunk or Treat.

Keep everything [fingers, toes, eyes, whatever!] crossed. We have 2 sweet kiddoes who are in love with their new baby brother and would really like to have him home with them tonight.

Not to mention Mama - - she is done with the hospital!


Shelley said...

My EVERYTHING is crossed for you guys! Bring that blessed little baby boy home! :) Love you guys!

Mel said...

I'm definitely keeping all my fingers crossed!! Glad things are looking better. I hope that little sweetie of a boy gets to come home soon.

Andi said...

Ooh, good luck! Both of my kids have had jaundice, but not bad enough to stay in the hospital. Hope he's home today!

Jori said...

Everything is crossed! I hope everyone comes home tonight.

hoLLy said...

we had been thinking about him(and praying too)! glad hes home now and everyone is happy and healthy.