I LOVE Monica!

I know this is how our stylist Monica has to feel when she sees me arrive for my hair visits. But she's so talented that she can make me over into someone presentable -- even cute! Who knew? There will be pics forthcoming, but rest assured that Monica did right by me as always. She's a genius! I think of myself as her challenge -- and she rose to the occasion, as usual. What a woman!


Chris * Natalie * Maya * Mason said...

monica is the best. if y'all want to come visit us in texas (or better yet, move here!) you can experience her for yourself. she never disappoints.

Seth, Sarah and the kids said...

Darn! I need a "Monica"!! I have the hardest time finding a good stylist! I am always changing and going some place new....someday I will find one! hahah!! Or like Natalie said...we should go out there and visit!!:)

Kristi said...

You and Natalie always get cute haircuts from this girl. I really need to see her asap. My hair is out of control.