Things I"m Thankful For

I woke up this morning very early (like 4:45) because our son is heading out on an adventure (Montana) and we offered to drive him to the airport. OK, so actually Mark took him to the airport - - but I was awake to hug him goodbye and send him on his way. At that moment, I was so grateful for the fact that we are still close to him. He's got a big heart, is very creative, loving and kind, and is definitely a free spirit. We love him so much and while I know he will move on soon (he's still condo-hunting) I love having him here and will miss him more than he knows. So I'm thankful for that relationship with him.

I'm thankful that I still have both of my parents. They are getting older (Dad will be 84 in August and Mom is 82) and are not especially healthy, and they live far away (Southern Alberta, Canada, where I grew up) so I don't see them as often as I'd like. But they are there and I know they are there and I am thankful for that knowledge. I'm thankful for the way they raised me and loved me.

I'm thankful for my sister. She is the best. She too lives in the frozen north and I don't see her nearly as often as I'd like. She's funny, smart, motivated, warm and loving and I would like to be like her. She's someone I miss a lot and am so thankful for.

I'm thankful for my daughter. People always say there is something special about a mother/daughter relationship and I've been blessed to experience a great one. Natalie is wonderful in every way. She is giving, kind, funny, creative, organized and smart. And she doesn't seem to mind hanging out with me! It's wonderful to have a child turn into a friend.

I'm thankful for my oldest son Chris and his wife Tara. I wish we could see them more often than we do. Dallas isn't that far but with them having lives there and us having lives here, we don't get up there very often. They are a great couple -- motivated, spiritual, smart, funny and loving. They too have become friends and that's another thankful thing.

I'm thankful for my grandkids. They make my life happy. They really do. What else is there to say? The time I get with them really enriches my life and provides me with joy. I love them more than they understand now, or maybe ever will.

I'm thankful for friends. I have made friends through my calling in the Primary -- I work with 3 amazing women who are so steadfast, so organized, so dedicated and so loving and they are patient with me and my super-anal ways. I love them all. The teachers we work with are also super. We couldn't do what we do without them and I"m so thankful for them as well. And the kids! They are what we are all about -- I love each of them.

I'm thankful for Mark. He is the foundation of my life, I think. He's been so busy with our back yard project that I haven't seen much of him and I have missed that. He's funny, smart, patient, hard-working and would do anything for any of our family members and we all know that.

What a list! As I look back on it, I realize how blessed I am and how I ought always to be thankful. I'm grateful for you all as well -- you make my life happier! Thank you!


Miss Jones said...

what a sweet, thoughtful post! Jan, thanks for helping me be more thankful for the things in my life, especially the people! I'm sure everyone's thankful for you, too.

Jori said...

Well said, I think it is so important to focus on the have's rather than the have not's in our lives.

Chris * Natalie * Maya * Mason said...

i am grateful for you, too! and the kids sure as heck are! :) everyone knows how my mama spoils and takes care of me. i'm very lucky to have you as a mama and friend.

Holly O'Keefe said...

Any Grandma who has the grandkids singing about your coming home the next day from vacation is doing something right!

Kristi said...

What a beautiful list! I love it. Your post helped me remember what I'm grateful for ,too, and how imprortant that is. Plus, you are the best Primary President I know! ;) I'm serious--you make Primary so much fun for the kids (and your counselors ;) because they know you love them so much!

Jan said...

Kristi, you just made my day. What a nice thing to say! Thank you so much -- but you know you are way up on that list of teachers I love so much!!