Building a Better Me

" Your task? To build a better world," God said.
I answered, "How?
This world is such a large, vast place,
So complicated now.
And I so small and useless am,
There is nothing I can do."
But God, in all His wisdom said,
"Just build a better you."
(Author unknown)
Isn't this the truth? So much of the time we are worrying about the big things and maybe even minding business other than our own, when what we really need to focus on is doing better in our own lives. There are so many small areas that need improvement in my life -- scripture study (getting better again, but far from great), fervent, personal prayer (again, OK but not great), housekeeping (bad!) and the list could go on and on and on.

So when my critical thoughts move to someone other than myself, I need to keep that mantra in mind -- "Build a better you!"


Jori said...

Wow, I really needed this! As we are heading up to Utah this weekend we will be spending time with Ryan's dads new wife and her kids. I have been dwelling on all the things that annoy me about the situation. All I need to do is work on a better me. Thanks!

100 Percent Cottam said...

very good quote, i love it. you always have the greatest stuff!

Kristi said...

I am sooo on the same wavelength as you, Jan. I can always tell when the little things that help me feel like myself (like scriptures and prayers) are lacking, and I have been feeling it lately. I need to remember to stay on top of these things Thanks for the reminder. :)