I'd Choose You Again

Can't sleep for some reason tonight (check the time on this post!) -- and am sitting here filled with love and gratitude for Mark. I don't say much about him but that doesn't mean I don't feel a lot about him and for him. He's wonderful. He's quiet, but deep. He's reserved but funny as can be. He's very bright and has a mind that hones quickly in on the main issue of anything. He loves his parents and his sisters, he loves his kids, he adores his grandkids and he loves me. Which is not always so easy. I am so blessed to have him in my life and I know it.

There's an old song done by the Forester Sisters ( in the '80's I think) called "I'd Choose You Again" that's been going through my head all night. (maybe that's why I can't sleep!) Take a listen to it and see what I mean. Very powerful words, I think.

"Looking in my life through the eyes of a young girl
Growing older all the time, maybe just a little wiser,
I can clearly see all my mistakes keep coming back to visit me,
Pointing out the roads not taken.
So much I'd like to change but one thing I'd do the same,
I'd choose you again, I'd choose you again.
If God gave me the chance to do it all again.
Oh, I'd carefully consider every choice and then
Out of all the boys in the world I'd choose you again
Times weren't always good.
Seems like the Lord gave all the easy parts away.
But every time the road got rocky, you'd look at me and say
You had all you needed long as I was there with you.
You're the reason I kept going.
If I could start my life anew, the first thing that I would do,
I'd choose you again, I'd choose you again
If God gave me the chance to do it all again
Oh, I'd carefully consider every choice and then
I'd listen to my heart and I'd choose you again.
You again, you again."
I would. And I hope he would too.


Jori said...

Ohhh that is very sweet. Mark sounds completely wonderful. It always makes me so happy to see couples that are still in love after many years. You guys are great! I hope you get a nap in. I know all about the up in the night thing. :)

Miss Jones said...

oh that's sweet jan! i'm not settling for anything less than a love like that!

Kristi said...

Oh my--I love this!! You two are SO sweet. Mark seems like such a good guy and what a wonderful relationship you two have! You're both very lucky. :)

Rebecca K said...

Yeah you picked a winner :) He's a great guy!

Tiburon said...

Awwww that is so sweet! What a nice tribute to Mark :)

Emily said...

Love the song. Mark sound like a sweetie! Lucky you!

hoLLy said...

What a sweet post and what a sweet husband(and sweet wife:). You sound perfect for each other- two awesome people!!!

Shelley said...

Totally sweet. There's not another word for it. I suppose I always knew my parents loved each other, but they never showed it. Not like this anyway. And you get to enjoy that love forever. :) What a wonderful blessing.

100 Percent Cottam said...

he's a good boy. lucky me, having such a great mommy and daddy.

Mel said...

So sweet! He must be a wonderful man! What a cute couple.

Holly O'Keefe said...

How wonderful to be married to such a great man. He's a pretty lucky guy too, as I am sure he knows.

tara said...

wow...is there a couple better suited for each other than the two of you? What a sweet tribute to your husband. Natalie has great PARENTS. Both of you.

FanaticalFullers said...

that is so tender. does he read your blog? i hope he does because it is important that he knows that you feel this way. i hope i feel the same in years to come. i am sure that i will.

Mark said...

Back at you sweetie pie (sweeter than Mrs. Smith's Cinnabon Apple Crunch Pie I might say).

Love Mark