Baby pictures

I loved looking at Jori's pictures, and then following Shelley's link to her pictures - -so I thought I'd share this favorite poem (got it from my daughter some years ago) along with a couple of old pics.

Baby Picture

So you were I . . .
I can't think through
To that forgotten time
When I was You.

Could your clear eyes
What is in my own,
Would you
Feel disappointment
At the Me
To which
You've grown?
(Amy Atwater)

What a great comment on becoming. We know this life is a process but as I look into the face of the little girl that once was me, I find myself hoping she could look back at me and be proud at who she has become. I'm working on it. I really am.


Nat S said...

Oh! How cute you are! I LOVE pictures...especially ones of people when they were young. I'm one of those annoying people that has to check out all the photographs/pictures when I'm in someone's home. You were an adorable little girl, and still are :o)

Rebecca K said...

Awww!!! Who is that handsome young man in the first picture with you? It couldn't be.... could it?

Chris * Natalie * Maya * Mason said...

love that poem, it's one of my favorites. and the pics are too cute!!! i need you to scan one of mine for me.

Jan said...

Yup, it's exactly who you think it is with me on the steps. Cute boy, huh?

Kristi said...

How cute are these pictures? Seriously. Sweet poem, too.

FanaticalFullers said...

those are priceless. thanks for sharing them. they look like they belong in a picture frame for sale at Tiffany's

Jori said...

awww, thanks for posting those. You are such a cutie! I love looking at baby pictures, I love seeing a little version of you. Great poem, I am going to save that.

Heather said...

Oh those are so cute so fun to see you as a little one.

Mel said...

You are so cute!!! I love the pictures. So much fun.

hoLLy said...

how cute you were! (and are!) loved seeing those pictures and what a great poem!