Loving the Children

Finding God

"I helped a little child to see
That God had made a willow tree,
And God became more real to me.

I tried to lead a child through play
To grow more Christ-like every day,
And I myself became that way.

I joined a little child in prayer,
And as we bowed in worship there
I felt anew God's loving care.

Lord, keep us ever quick o see
By guiding children, we find thee."

This is the message I'd love to get across to reluctant Primary workers. It's always a struggle to get teachers for classes, cub scout leaders for the boys, activity day leaders for the girls, and sometimes even getting subs becomes complicated. A great many people announce that they want a calling 'anywhere but Primary'.

The sad truth is that while the kids do miss out when they don't have a regular teacher, the adults are cheating themselves. I am always enriched and uplifted by the experiences I have in Primary on Sundays. Sure, there are always headaches that go along with it - -but when you can sit with the children in Primary and feel the spirit more strongly than you have in a very long time, it is a huge blessing.

I'm endlessly grateful for the wonderful teachers and leaders we do have -- we have some of the highest-quality, most loving and willing teachers you can imagine. As I look around the room every Sunday I'm filled with love and gratitude for them and the love they share with the children. But we need more!

I often tell the children that if Jesus was visiting our ward, He would be in Primary with us. And I believe that. That's where I want to be.


Kristi said...

I'm with you, Jan, on Primary being so incredible! I am so grateful for you and the Presidency and all you do--I'm sure it's not always easy. And I m also very grateful for my kids Primary teachers (That's you. Natalie Scott! :) I am so grateful for teachers who love my kids and teach them the gospel.

Jori said...

Your timing is uncanny. We have our quarterly activity today, and I was just whining to Ryan about having to go. I love the kids and it will be fun. Kaitlin is totally pumped about. Thanks for the boost.

Girl James said...

Oh my gosh! i'm totally the opposite. Anything to get me out of Relief Society!! I had 10 Sunbeams (8 of which were boys! Yikes!) Still my favorite year of Primary!

Jill said...

I totally miss Primary! It was hard while I was in there and I wasn't sure if I was actually teaching them something, but I really do miss it now that I'm in YW.

Heather said...

I love Primary too! I love how simple the gospel is, and in Primary all the mumbo jumbo is stripped away and you are left with all the important stuff.

Nat S said...

Man, primary is the best. Especially OURS! Nothing beats sharing time and all those primary songs...then telling scripture stories in class. Sigh...just love it. Granted, I DO have the best class ever so I suppose it's easy for me!! :o)

Chris * Natalie * Maya * Mason said...

that is a great poem, i love it! very true, too. i'm so happy the kids have you to love them.

hoLLy said...

i miss primary! i have been in primary ever since i graduated HS(almost 10 years now) but now in this ward i'm a librarian, which is so odd for me.