Gotta love That Popcorn Place

Once again, we made the trip down to the UT area to get some more wonderful popcorn from That Popcorn Place. We had such fun there last visit that I was afraid maybe it wouldn't be as good as I remembered. Wrong! It was even better than the last visit. This time, we met Mark, (co-owner of the place) and daughter Chelsea (we met Mom Debbie and daughter Courtney last time around) and it was a blast. He has a crazy sense of humor and kept us laughing the whole time we were there. Of course, the popcorn was wonderful and the samples were generous and varied. This time I bought the Flower Power gift pack for a friend's birthday which is so cute (she'll love it). I chose their Caramel Bliss and Longhorn mix (orange mixed with vanilla -- tastes like a Creamsicle!) for her gift pack and of course couldn't leave without something for us so I got my favorite - Cinnamon Roll, along with Zebra and Hot Cinnamon. They mixed strawberry and vanilla for Maya so she could have (in her mind, anyway) a Hello Kitty bag of popcorn and Natalie got a 4th of July mix. It's ALL so dang good! And when the people involved are as good as the popcorn, it's great. It is definitely a place we will frequent. We nominate Mark as Employee of the Month (Year, Decade, Century?) Once again, thumbs up for That Popcorn Place. We'll be back!


Kristi said...

Oh my goodness, I'm already drooling--how yummy. I want to try each and every kind they have. I've got get there asap!

Chris * Natalie * Maya * Mason said...

mmm, goodness. i've been enjoying my cinnamon roll popcorn. too yummy. and my big ol' bag of 4th of july popcorn almost looks too festive to eat. but oh well - it will be eaten at the playgroup party tomorrow. (if this rain stops!)

Holly O'Keefe said...

I want some of that popcorn. Desperately!!! I know, they ship. Might be worth it!